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Recognize the Changes Needed to Reach Your Dream

As an Entrepreneur,
you are most concerned about yourself
since you are trying to build an extension of yourself...

Secrets of an Entrepreneur by John Paul Owles

Have you ever imagined being the hero of the day? Imagined yourself being one day rich and famous? We all have. Whether it is the flash of us crossing the finishing line first. Or being a movie star with fame and fortune. Or a famous businessperson featured in national magazines. We all have imagined how our lives might be one day when our dreams turn into reality. It is these moments of inspiration that drive Entrepreneurs to their goal.

Technology: Transform Your Business

The Go To Excel Person
Richard Spring, Sly Fox Press

Richard Spring has been a manager, supervisor, and instructor for more years than he cares to mention. He was fortunate enough to have a company offer him the opportunity to take numerous computer classes, especially in Microsoft Excel.

As an instructor, he has taught most levels of Microsoft applications for Excel, Word, and Power Point. It was from his teaching experience, he developed the desire to help people become more valuable that he started the Excel at Warp Factor series. (more)

Transform Your Life

Ninety Percent of Life Is Showing Up
Amy Brooks

Excerpt from the Graduation Speech in her book, Unseen Arms

"Ninety percent of life is showing up"

Feel free to jot that down in case you want to use it sometime. I really won't mind. It isn't my saying, anyhow; actor Woody Allen coined it.

You see, commitment and dependability go a long, long way. You might be surprised at what you can learn or accomplish if you simply show up and do what's expected of you.

To do that, you may have to discover better ways to do things, as I have had to do. Sometimes you have to invent them. That's been the story of my life, of which I am now sharing a portion with you.

I had to figure out how to do my schoolwork ~ everything from opening my book bag to developing good penmanship.

For me, this was all part of showing up besides just being in class.

At home, for me "showing up" meant many things, including sneezing a lot when dusting with a Swiffer in my mouth. Or having to apply a rear naked choke hold to use a shop vac. Don't worry: that isn't as bad as it might sound. It's actually a legitimate martial arts maneuver.

And then comes the extremely essential tasks of life such as sending text messages. I have a friend in Ohio who has two perfectly good texting thumbs. He insists that I am merely faking it about not having hands because he claims that I text faster than he does. Though I sometimes use my arm for that ~ like I do on my computer keyboard ~ I mostly text with my bare mouth because I discovered that's what works best for me.

When I do so, I guess you could say that each message I send is sealed with a kiss. Consider it a bonus. But your bonus to yourself and to others is to show up.

Moments Like This
Sylvia Silvetti Havlish

Sylvia counts her family of origin as her greatest blessing and the inspiration for this book:

“My parents always encouraged us to be independent thinkers…to trust our inner voice…and to show love and gratitude to not only our extended family and friends, but most especially to God. The greatest gift we were taught to give was to help others and show them God’s love. My parents modeled that behavior, and we learned by watching them. It is a privilege for me to be just a small part of helping people through my counseling.

I have written a book of memories…memories of the precious “moments like this” in our lives. For the past thirty years, I have been a bereavement counselor to many individuals and groups. Throughout those years I have been privileged to share in the memories of my clients’ loved ones. Getting to know these people who no longer walk the earth through the stories shared by everyone has added so much to the texture of my life. It has helped me to truly choose to live in the present moment…and to LIVE NOW! It has helped me to tell the ones I love that I DO LOVE THEM…NOW. I take nothing for granted.

Keys to Withstanding Stress In Today's World

Your health is the key to withstanding the demands and stresses of the modern world. As a physician of forty-seven years, I want to share some thoughts on what I have learned.

Sole to Soul by Barry Marmorstein, M.D.

Seven Areas of Awareness

Doctors versus self-reliance
There is a rapidly diminishing supply of primary care physicians (PCP) in this country. With full implementation of "ObamaCare," as many as 30 million additional people will come under the umbrella of the medically insured. This will greatly accentuate the PCP shortfall. It is now paramount that individual patients alter their lifestyle decisions in a direction to maximize their potential for good health, as available doctors are likely to be overwhelmed, forced to underperform, and be incapable of meeting your expectations.

Preventive medicine made easy
We need to reconsider the ordering of priorities. Each person has to become determined to take primary responsibility for themselves, using common sense techniques. This includes getting enough sleep, eating a healthful diet that is primarily planned-based and designed to maintain ideal body weight. A built-in individualized exercises program is very helpful. All of this is free of charge and should be emphasized ahead of a host of costly and sometimes invasive medical treatments.

Family medical history
Family medical history represent previous expressions of your gene pool and offer a simple map of where your medical weaknesses are likely to carry you. This information becomes then an indicator of where your prevention efforts might be best focused. It can also act as a guideline regarding what type of medical interventions and procedures might be a particularly important element of your prevention strategy.

The role of intention in health and disease
Does it matter whether or not a person experiencing given symptoms ignores the lifestyle issues causing the symptoms—and instead seeks a medication or procedure to deal with it? In many instances it appears that the choice of accepting a pill, although likely better than doing nothing, provides results inferior to making the necessary lifestyle changes. Besides genetic propensity, intending to be well may be the most important factor in staying well.

Relevancy, right livelihood, connectedness
Mental and emotional well-being is crucial to the maintenance of physical health. Having a sense of purpose, doing work which makes one feel good and satisfied, and recognizing the role each of us plays in the life of the world can be a difference maker. Depression, anxiety, and dysthymia (a sense of deep disillusionment) are epidemic in the modern world. We need to plan our lives thoughtfully, so that we do not fall into this trap. Otherwise, staying healthy becomes an even greater challenge.

End-of-life issues—when enough is enough.
Every living thing dies. Our modern day illnesses are treated with modern day methods which can keep us alive far beyond what might be termed useful or appropriate. More health dollars are spent in the last months of life and all the years before. Oftentimes this results in the terminal stage of life being an agonizing descent into mental and physical suffering for all involved. Fill out a P.O.L.S.T. (Physician Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment) form while you are still well, so that you get what you want when you are no longer able to decide.

The purpose of life
We desperately want to stay connected. Everything we do moment to moment and day to day enhances or detracts from the overall well-being of others. Be strong. Be helpful. Do not give advice unless it is solicited. Create a life of service, big or small. Vigilantly try to contribute as little as possible to the existing world-wide pool of hard heartedness and aggressiveness.

Resources For You

Dream: Land in Reality
John Paul Owles

In 1978, I was introduced to a man who became my very first teacher, mentor, in how to live my life and to discover what my true purpose in life was. The man was very well known— and yet, lived and acted very humbly. The essence of his knowledge was Guidance. That we all have access to Guidance, which can direct our lives. (more)