Veterans Leadership Luncheon

Veteran Leadership Luncheon


Our mission: Volunteers of America of Illinois partners with the people we serve to create transformational and lasting change in their lives.

How We Support Veterans
Helping Veterans discover their full potential and achieve their dreams is the program model for our True North Project for Veterans.

The True North Project for Veterans is a comprehensive program for Veterans who are struggling, in crisis or at-risk of serious instability in their lives. The program provides Veterans with the support, resources and hope they need to successfully win "the war at home" and achieve their full potential in all areas of their life. The True North Project for Veterans reaches out to Veterans wherever they are in their journey towards healing & stability and offers a full continuum of supportive services and interventions that are individually tailored to meet the unique needs of each Veteran.

How does Volunteers of America of Illinois partner with Veterans?

Intake: We encourage you to call or visit our office to begin your personalized service plan with our Intake Specialist.
Support: We are a team of trusted professionals that will help connect you with needed services. We have a community of staff ready to work with wherever you are in life.
Employment Readiness: Help with skills needed for employment readiness.
Stability: We partner with you to build bridges into your new life and provide life skills classes to support long-term stability.

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Opening Luncheon Remarks
Nancy Hughes-Moyer

Nancy Hughes-Moyer-President & CEO, Volunteers of America of Illinois Nancy Hughes-Moyer, President & CEO,
Volunteers of America of Illinois

Nancy Hughes-Moyer, who is the President & CEO, Volunteers of America of Illinois, provided the opening remarks at the 9th Annual Volunteers of America of Illinois' Veterans Leadership Luncheon on Thursday, November 9, 2017, at The Standard Club in Chicago. The theme of the event honoring our Veterans was All Gave Some and Some Gave All. There were 350 leaders and veterans who attended this momentous event.

Nancy Hughes-Moyer's speech was very moving as she encouraged all of us to make a differnce in the lives of veterans. She spoke about how "compassion takes courage" and the need to do good by comfronting our fears and stay strong. But more than that, she communicated about how the organizations present in the room were doing something for our veterans by providing hoursing, support services, employment training, Volunteers of America of Illinois partners with the people we serve to create transformational and lasting change in their lives.

About Volunteers of America Illinois:
Volunteers of America is a national nonprofit organization providing local human service programs and the opportunity for individual and community involvement. The words "there are no limits to caring" represent an enduring philosophy of service that spans three centuries. The founders'(pictured) pledge "to go wherever we are needed and do whatever comes to hand" still guides the organization's growth and development efforts today, more than 115 years since the organization's birth in 1896.

Why The Name?
The name Volunteers of America was selected when the organization was founded over 115 years ago. It signified that the organization was comprised of people voluntarily choosing to help others. In those days, a volunteer was anyone who was committed to a mission or cause. Since its earliest days, when Volunteers of America brought food, medicine and comfort to people not served by other charities, volunteering has been instrumental in every aspect of the organization's ministry of service. Today, our services are delivered through a partnership of professional staff, volunteers and other community supporters.

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Personal Responsibility:
Building a Foundation

I believe personal responsibility means being there when you are needed. It is doing the right thing—even when you don't want to. It is stepping up to the plate and delivering what is needed for any given moment. It means investing your time—not just your money.

It means you give conscious thought to the decisions you are making from moment to moment. And taking responsibility for your choices.

Your actions will build an inventory of images people hold in their hearts about you. Images like the gentle holding of someone's hand when they are scared. The warm pat on someone's back when they feel alone. That unexpected call asking how they are.

Those are the precious gifts of life. For your soul will be touched when you are there for other people.

And when you're not, your heart will ache—and you will seek the darkness—as you try to escape the face of God.

So my friend, you need to find balance in your life—and control of your life—so you will be available, accessible when people need you.

To do otherwise is foolish. To do less is unwise. For we are all just borrowed flesh and bones. Equals among equals.

Business / Entrepreneurship

Today, We are all Entrepreneurs

John Paul Owles

Today, we are all entrepreneurs. Whether you are a stay-at-home parent or a business executive, we are all running a small business, which is called our life. We interact with banks, insurance companies, medical doctors, accountants, schools, daycare centers, etc. We are asked to make life-changing decisions every day. And how we respond to these challenges will determine the state of ourselves, our families, our friends, our community, and even, our world we live in.

And yet, so often, we forget to listen deep down inside ourselves, to our Guidance if you will, to what we know to be true—and its wisdom to show us how to transform this chaotic world into one we want to live in.
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Is it safe to deposit cash in an ATM machine?
Is it safe to deposit cash in an ATM? John Paul Owles

Many banks, as a cost-cutting move, have been reducing the hours their branches and drive-ups are open to customers. In many locations, banks have completely eliminated drive-up access to tellers and installed ATM machines instead. If you want to have a personal interaction with a teller, go inside where you might be greeted with an ATM at the front of the waiting line.

One bank required tellers for a period of time to inform customers they could make cash and check deposits at their ATM machines. After hearing this repeatedly, you soon understand the bank was trying to eliminate their jobs.

At the same time, banks have been cutting back hours at branches and drive-ups by being available only from 9:00 5:00 p.m. (rather than 8:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m.) Monday through Friday. Saturday hours have been cut back, too.

Transform Your Life

Zen Parent Guide For Raising Kids
Zen Parent Guide For Raising Kids Amy Giustino Talbot

My daughter recently asked me, “Mommy, what is it like to be a Mom?”

I thought about it for a minute.

“Honey, it’s like going to the best party ever, except when it’s over, you don’t get to leave with your friends. You have to stay to clean up—alone.” And so it is with being a parent.

My best friend has one kid. She can travel around the world. Literally. I have three, and I successfully travel around town. On a daily basis I need to remind myself that one day, I will, in fact, miss the constant state of chaos.

Maybe? Probably!

So, who am I? And what makes me think I'm qualified to write a book on becoming a zen parent? I am you. I'm your girlfriend, your sister, your next-door neighbor. We are all the same. We have all made the decision (consciously or subconsciously) to teach a child the guidelines for this crazy thing we call life.

Business / Entrepreneurship

Your Attitude is the Vehicle to Your Dreams Attitude is Everything John Paul Owles

Have you ever imagined being the hero of the day? Imagined yourself being one day rich and famous? Haven't we all? Whether it is the flash of us crossing the finishing line first. Or being a movie star with fame and fortune. Or a famous businessperson featured in national magazines. We all have imagined how our lives might be one day when our dreams turn into reality. It is these moments of inspiration that drive Entrepreneurs to their goal.

The difference between those who succeed and realize their dreams—and people who don't—is that some people pursue their dreams. They set aside the problems of today to pursue the successes of tomorrow. They work at improving themselves to become the best they can be. Success is the result of effort—and not just wishful thinking.

However, in pursuit of our dreams, there is a problem we all face. The risk of failure.

Consider Olympic athletes who train for years for a chance to win a gold medal. The athletes work each day to improve their technique. To build their stamina. To reach a pinnacle of perfection for an event which happens only once every four years. To be successful, they have to be dedicated to their dream. Their vision is to be one of the best athletes in the world.

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