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Book Expo 2013
Shaping The Future Of The Book: Insight From Leaders Who Are Transforming How We Read.

John Ingram, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman, Ingram Content Group Inc.; Steve Bercu, Co-Owner BookPeople, Austin, Texas; Barbara Marcus, President & Publisher, Random House Children’s Books; Jane Friedman, CEO & Co-Founder, Open Road Integrated Media; Michael Pietsch, Chief Executive Officer, Hachette Book Group

If you thought publishing was a thing of the past, you probably have not heard the five people above who are leaders in the publishing industry.

Rather than lamenting the passing of the Traditional Publishing model, each participant talked about the richness of the future in publishing.

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Is Publishing Dead?
Or just getting started?

John Paul Owles

In 1985, I started publishing a news media directory in Nevada. The goal was to help people communicate in an effective manner with the news media. Twenty-six years later, we are still publishing the Owl Media Guide. The reason I bring this up is today reliable information, or content if you will, is more in demand than ever. Whether it be a news media profile—or a how to do something—we are all in need of timely information. And that is where publishing, or content providers, is essential to the process.

Today, we are all entrepreneurs. Whether you are a stay-at-home mom or a business executive, we are all running a small enterprise, called our life. We interact with banks, insurance companies, medical doctors, accountants, schools, daycare centers, etc. We are asked to make life-changing decisions every day...based on information provided by publishers although they may be called bloggers, online reviewers or contributors, radio or television hosts, etc. (more)

In the News

Book Publicists of Southern California (BPSC) meeting on April 18, 2013: John Paul Owles (left); Andrea Garst, author of Happiness in 10 Days or Less; and Irwin Zucker, Founder of BPSC.

LA Times Book Prizes
Los Angeles Times Book Prizes 2013 Robert Kirsch Award: from left to right: David L. Ulin, Book Critic of LA Times; winner Kevin Starr; Johnathan Kirsch, presenter.
More Award Info

Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2013Publisher John Paul Owles (left) with Richard Spring, Publisher of Sly Fox Press and the Excel at Warp Factor 1 series

Secrets of Publishing
Radio Interview

Listen to the Radio Interview Online with John Paul Owles Publisher (more)

Transform Your Business

The Go To Excel Person

Richard Spring, Sly Fox Press

Richard Spring has been a manager, supervisor, and instructor for more years than he cares to mention. He was fortunate enough to have a company offer him the opportunity to take numerous computer classes, especially in Microsoft Excel.

As an instructor, he has taught most levels of Microsoft applications for Excel, Word, and Power Point. It was from his teaching experience, he developed the desire to help people become more valuable that he started the Excel at Warp Factor series.

Dream: Land in Reality
John Paul Owles

In 1978, I was introduced to a man who became my very first teacher, mentor, in how to live my life and to discover what my true purpose in life was. The man was very well known— and yet, lived and acted very humbly. The essence of his knowledge was Guidance. That we all have access to Guidance, which can direct our lives. (more)

TWITTER 2.0: Twitter Master Class
Cindy Ratzlaff

If you ever thought Twitter was not relevant, you need to hear Cindy Ratzlaff explain how you need to brand your self in today's Twitter world.

If you don't have time to do this, you probably are not developing a career in publishing, business, and your identity. By developing a conversation with followers rather than talking at them, you will find greater success. If you would rather talk about what you're eating or where you are going in the next two minutes, the rest of us thank you.

It's time to be relevant to your career path. If you get the chance to follow Cindy on Twitter, do so. Your success may depend on it.

Transform Your Life

Happiness in 10 Days or Less

Andrea Garst

Many people are searching for the elusive “Happiness” during these trying times. It is really not as hard as you think it is. This book will show you how to shed those old negative thoughts and ideas, in exchange for Happiness and much, much more!

Andrea Garst is a writer and a creative soul, here for the journey, but staying for the ride.

From Sole to Soul
Barry Marmorstein, M.D.

I have been witness to fundamental changes within the healthcare system during the time of my chosen career path.

I see the emergence of problems in the delivery of healthcare which perhaps are still value neutral, but which I believe are trending toward negative outcomes. After all, what doctors are supposed to do is deliver healthcare. I am disturbed by what I see, and I wish to bring this to the awareness of you, the consumer. Aha! A timely example of change!

Doctors are no longer termed doctors. We are now “providers.” You are no longer termed “patients.” You are now “consumers.”(more)

Moments Like This
Sylvia Silvetti Havlish

Sylvia counts her family of origin as her greatest blessing and the inspiration for this book,

“My parents always encouraged us to be independent thinkers…to trust our inner voice…and to show love and gratitude to not only our extended family and friends, but most especially to God. The greatest gift we were taught to give was to help others and show them God’s love. My parents modeled that behavior, and we learned by watching them. It is a privilege for me to be just a small part of helping people through my counseling.
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