Aquarelle by Renée M. Popovits


This is the story of a remarkable woman, Renée M. Popovits, who discovers her talent for painting watercolors and describes the underlying adventure and insights that led to each of her paintings.

Renée M. Popovits is a Chicago health-care attorney, serving primarily addiction-treatment and mental-health providers and challenging insurance company practices and denials of care and reimbursement for families needing care.

One day she is led to attend a painting class only to discover her spiritual promptings and inner wisdom come to life on to the canvas.

With over 300 paintings, she is surrounded by the messages from above who want her to reach out to the world with a message of love and wisdom for the sanctity of life and brotherhood of humanity.

Selecting 81 paintings and the story about each one, Renée has given birth to a four-color hardcover book titled Aquarelle.

She has grouped this first book into seven sections. Each one is a collection of several paintings and the experience and insights which led her to paint them

The journey begins with Color and ends with Infinity. Each painting is numbered and dated. In all, they form a unit which takes the reader to the next level of understanding.

As if in mid-air, Aquarelle reflects the spiritual insights which led to the birth of each painting.

For more information about Renée, visit her website: Renee M Popovits | Aquarelle


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