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Tuesday, September 26, 2023
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Patricia Ploss

Patricia Ploss, author of e Dandelion Picker, her personal memoir regarding her son’s struggle with drugs, a car accident that nearly cost him his life and his recovery, now brings you her first novel, Emery’s Promise. Patricia and her husband Tony live in northwest Indiana where Tony farms and Patricia writes, while spending time with Binx and Simba, their cats, and Joey Tribbiani, the big yellow lab!

Meeting the Challenges of an Unexpected Family Trauma

There are so many types of traumas. I believe that everyone experiences trauma of one kind or another many times throughout life. We learn...

Patricia Ploss

Patricia Ploss is the author of one non-fiction book, The Dandelion Picker, and three fiction books, Emery's Promise, Letting Go, and Another's Child. She...

A Moment in Time: Cherish It

We all have moments in time that we can pull from our memories instantly. Those moments of extreme emotions that range from pure joy...

Patricia Ploss talks about her book “Letting Go” on Charlie Adams Show

Patricia Ploss talks about her new book Letting Go on the Charlie Adams Show. “Letting Go is close to home for me. As someone who...

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