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Courage: Taking the First Step

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John Paul Owles
John Paul Owleshttps://johnpaulowles.com
I have been an entrepreneur since I started my first business venture in 1972. For 35 years, I have been engaged in the technology, news media, and publishing industries.

The power to make your own decisions. The ability to act despite all odds when you know you are right. The ability to stand apart from others when your convictions are more important than your popularity.
The knowing that comes when you are connected to God and are willing to speak the Truth no matter what the consequences.
The ability to act despite the pressure to remain inanimate, passive when you see wrongs that are being committed.
The ability to perceive what needs to be done and the power within to act on that knowledge.
The ability to allow yourself the freedom to think about things and determine what is best…and act on that feeling.
The ability to look within

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