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John Paul Owles

I have been an entrepreneur since I started my first business venture in 1972. For 35 years, I have been engaged in the technology, news media, and publishing industries.

Head Case: A Very Painful Healing Journey

Congratulations to Herbert Stepherson on his new book from Joshua Tree Publishing.“It is in sharing our struggles and vulnerabilities that we connect with others...

An Entrepreneur’s Dream

When I first started my enterprise, I was sharing it with someone. It was their dream. Not mine. Since one can only accept a...

CES 2024

The Consumer Technology Association (CTA)® announced a star-studded lineup of celebrity appearances coming to CES® 2024, January 9-12 in Las Vegas. “CES has a long history...

Vision of an Entrepreneur

As an Entrepreneur, you are most concerned about yourself since you are trying to build an extension of yourself . . . EGO. If that is what you really want to...

123123 New Year’s Eve

As this year comes to an end,Know that the New Year bringsLove and Happiness to thoseWho seek to serve Mankind.And know that your SonHas...

God Will Lead You Home

The $5.00 Airline Ticket There is no more important principle to learn as an entrepreneur than that God will lead you. In all my years...

Recognize the Changes Needed to Reach Your Dream as an Entrepreneur

As an Entrepreneur, you are most concerned about yourself since you are trying to build an extension of yourself... EGO. If that is what you really want to...

Courage: Taking the First Step

Courage. The power to make your own decisions. The ability to act despite all odds when you know you are right. The ability to stand apart from others when your convictions are more important than your popularity.

Perseverance and an Open Door

The next time you are thinking of giving up . . . not stretching yourself . . . retreating back into your comfort zone . . . Remember a guy out in the desert who happens...

Sarah Jessica Parker Headlines the U.S. Book Show

Sarah Jessica Parker is among the marquee stars who will keynote at the 2023 U.S. Book Show. “I’m thrilled to be introducing Kim Coleman Foote in...

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